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FAS Dean Gay Hopes to Update Affiliates on Ethnic Studies Search by Semester’s End

Fact and Rumor.


Fifty men have been dropped at Cornell this year.

The Detroits have won thirty-one consecutive exhibition games.

The Beacons play the Harvard this afternoon on Holmes at 4 o'clock.

Charles Hudson, '87, has been elected an honorary member of the Signet.

The Yale freshmen beat the Wesleyan freshmen by a score of 16 to 7.

The Sauveur Summer School of Languages will be held at Oswego this summer.

There will be eleven Exeter men in the class of '91 in the Institute of Technology.

Daniel Pratt has blossomed out in a beautiful white tile of English manufacture.

Harvard conferred her first LL. D. on George Washington in 1776. - Princetonian.

The Princeton Lacrosse Team played the Stevens Institute twelve at Hoboken yesterday.

The exhibition of the Photograph Society is being held in Sever 10 to-day and to-morrow.

Fulmer, who umpired the Yale-Princeton game Saturday, played shortstop at one time on the Cincinnatis, and was last year a league umpire.

The Cambridge Railroad Company have placed a variegated awning in front of the waiting station.

The net receipts from the Yale Glee Club concert in New York, given for the benefit of the Yale crew, were $450.

In the series for the championship of the Intercollegiate Base-Ball League, Amherst beat Brown on Tuesday by a score of 14 to 1.

Mr. Mohini, a Brahmin who is spending some time in study in this country, will address the Harvard Young Men's Christian Association this evening at 6.45 o'clock in Lawrence Hall.

The dates of base-ball games of the Institute of Technology for the remainder of the term are as follows: Saturday, April 30th. Worcester Techs, at Worcester; Wednesday, May 4th, Tufts, at College Hill; Saturday. May 7th, Brown, at Boston; Wednesday, May 11th, Tufts, at Boston.

W. B. Page, University of Pennsylvania, the champion high jumper, has accepted an offer from the Manhattan Athletic Club to go abroad this summer as a representative of that organization. He will start early in June, and will contest on July 2 for the championship of England in the national sports. - Yale News.

Last week the Yale Sophomore Crew, while rowing on the upper Quinnipiae, ran their shell against a submerged oyster stake, ripping a hole in her 21 feet long and 2 to 6 inches wide. The entire crew succeeded in reaching the shore in safety. The shell is rendered useless by the accident.

A couple of Princeton students have been canvassing the colleges of this country for names of students willing to become foreign missionaries. They have heard from ninety-two institutions, and in these 1,525 students have signified a willingness to go abroad as missionaries. Upward of 300 of the number are women. The volunteers include, from Amherst, 25; Williams, 19; Harvard, 9; Cornell, 35; Oberlin, 110; Princeton, 48. - Independent.

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