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Pennsylvania Letter.


The athletic outlook at Pennsylvania has never been brighter than at the present time. The candidates for crew, track and baseball have been working industriously for some weeks past and matters are beginning to assume definite form.

Captain Ritchie and coach W. H. Murphy issued a call for baseball men in the middle of January. Since that time about sixty candidates have undergone the weeding out process. Practice was begun and continued for six weeks in a new temporary cage on Franklin Field, and the men practiced out of doors for the first time last week. There are now about twenty-five men playing and from this number will be chosen the regular 'varsity team and the reserves. Three regular players of last year's team have failed to return; they are Blakeley (capt.), third base; Voight, right field; Radcliffe, catcher. Radcliffe was the strongest back-stop Pennsplvania had and his loss will be badly felt. The pitchers are numerous and formidable: Brown 1900 C., is perhaps the best of the lot-he was on last year's team; Dickson, Pearsall, Thatcher, Ruetter, Leighton and Shape are other promising candidates. Sherrill is the best catcher on the squads, but is ineligible until the later games. Sherrill was Oberlin's crack back-stop last year. Schwartz will no doubt do the bulk of the catching. Coombs, Hodge and Lucas are also trying for catcher.

Gidender will probably cover first base, as he did last year. Lucas and Jackson may alternate there. At second base it is likely that Captain Ritchie will be a fixture, although Ramsay, Kennedy, and Childs are doing good work. Third base and shortstop are doubtful positions, but will be contested for by Wilhelin, shortstop last year; Robinson, second base last year; and Wynne and Watt. In the outfield are Jackson and Huston of last year's team, Thomson, Haydon and Frazier. The team will start on its annual southern tour on April 6.

Upon the track team the following men who scored at Mott Haven last year and brought the championship to Pennsylvania are still in college: Tewkesbery, Hoffman, in the sprints; Bastian in the hurdles; Grant and Lane in the half mile; Fetterman in the walks; Winsor in the high jump; McCracken in the weights; Remington in the broad jump. The new material is most promising. Kraenzlein, Baxter, W. P. Remington, Mcchling, Wilson and Parry will give a good account of themselves before the season closes. Interest now contres upon the annual relay carnival which will take place on Franklin Field, April 30.

At no time in Pennsylvania's aquatic history has there been such a wealth of rowing material as at the present. The men are rowing on the upper Schuylkill and Captain Howell's list comprises twenty-nine men. The 'varsity crews, three in number, are stroked respectively by Captain Howell and Hall and Ruegenberg of last year's crew. The crews row in fours for the first few miles each day and Coach Ward drills the men from the Ben Franklin. As to the final make-up of the 'varsity eight it is too early to say anything definite. It seems however from all indications that Pennsylvania will have this year what she has always desired-a winning crew.

The men are rowing:

One-Evans, 1; Gardiner, 2; Webster, 3; Flickwir, 4; DeValin, 5; Weeks, 6; Snover, 7; Hall, 8. Cox., Lee.

Two-Rodgers, 1; Read, 2; Kintzing, 3; Busch, 4; Buckwalter, 5; Gash, 6; Folwell, 7; Reugenberg, 8. Cox., Hager.

Three-Price, 1; Wischmyer, 2; Call, 3; Potter, 4; Gridal, 5; Kervey, 6; Close, 7; Howell, 8. Cox., Wise.

The freshmen are rowing:

Churchman, 1; Crowthers, 2; LeBoutellier, 3; Stern, 4; Beman, 5; Carbutt, 6; Watson, 7; Howell, 8. Cox., Shepherd.


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