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All four class crews rowed on the river yesterday afternoon. The Senior, Sophomore and Freshman crews had their barges out and made up eights, but '99 were unable to get out in their barge as the boat was not rigged. All of the men were taken out for tubbing practice, however. The work of all of the crews was unusually good for the first day on the water, and was in marked contrast to the early work of last year.

With the exception of the Freshman squad almost all of the men on the river yesterday went at their work handsomely as if they had something to start with. This is the result of last season 's enthusiasm for boating which resulted in the establishment of a thorough system.

At least three times as many men who know how to handle an oar and sit at ease in a shell are available this year, and with the increase of good material the final selection will result in better crews and the standard of rowing is bound to improve.

'98 had out two eights yesterday afternoon and Mr. Mumford coached both from the launch. The order was:

First crew-Stroke, Dobyns; 7, Bancroft; 6, Cabot; 5, Goodrich; 4, Perkins; 3, Riggs; 2, Moulton; bow, Adams.

Second crew-Stroke, Kinnicutt; 7, Dubois; 6, Bull; 5, Wadsworth; 4, Marvin; 3, Barnes; 2, Sheafe; bow, McBurney.

Rice and Wood rowed in a pair shell.

The Sophomore eigth went out in the following order, after preliminary practice in the tubs: Stroke, Harding; 7, Bedford; 6, Byrd; 5, Heath; 4, Higginson; 3, Glidden; 2, Brown; bow, Saltonstall.

Mr. Storrow had two eights out from the Freshman squad. The men went directly from the machines to the river this year without any work in the tank and so their work, as was perfectly natural, showed a complete lack of watermanship. The men look good material, however, are very well boated, and showed yesterday plenty of life.

The order was:

1st crew.- Stroke, Hawkins; 7, Loud; 6, Talbot; 5, Frost; 4, Wheelwright; 3, Lyman; 2, Pease; bow, Henderson.

2nd crew.- Stroke, Locke; 7, White; 6, Brigham; 5, Britton; 4, Proctor; 3, Ivans; 2, Whitney; bow, Symonds. Mr. Storrow coached from the coxswain 's seat.

The following men from the '99 squad rowed in pairs and were coached by Thomson and Marvin: Whitbeck, Donald, Coleman, Blake, Swift, Conroy, Duffield, Hodges, Stoddard, Sargeant, Davis, Huntington, Bigelow, Sampson, Garrett, Watson, Simonds, Catlin, Burnham, Coonly and Baldwin.

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