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English 6.


Brief for the Affirmative.R. M. Washburn and C. P. Blaney.

Question, Resolved: That the World's Fair should be held in New York.

Best general references-The Forum for February, 1890, article by Francis A. Walker; report of the New York subscription committee; Professor Hart on American cities in Quarterly Journal of Economics, for January 1890.

I. An international exhibition should be held in a representative city.

New York is the most representative American city because (1) its growth is contemporaneous with the growth of the country (2) the pursuits of its inhabitants are most varied (3) it is most cosmopolitan. It is therefore the real capital of American interests. Forum, February, 1890. Betts, The Causes of the prosperity of New York. King. Progress of the city of New York.

II. New York is best adapted for a World's Fair because (1) its position on the seaboard renders it most advantageous for importation of freight (2) its advantages for travelers are unsurpassed on account of (a) hotel accommodations (b) means of local transportation (c) suburban attractions. Mordecai, Terminal facilities of the port of New York, esp. P. 63. Black, Storage and Transportation in the Port of New York. Appleton, New York Illustrated.

III. The diversity of its industries secures New York a creditable reputation all over the world.

Brief for the Negative.R. J. Carey, and K. Fairbank.

Best general references: Speeches of Messrs. Cregier, Bryan, and Jeffry before the senate committee; Cosmopolitan Magazine, November, 1889, p. 50.

I. Indispensable requirements for an eligible location are, ability, (a) to produce an exhibition appropriate to the dignity of the occasion; (b) to provide ample space for the exhibition; (c) to attract the greatest number of people; (d) to care for these people.

II. (a) Chicago has the energy, intelligence, and money to fulfill the first condition. The present political squabbles will destroy the effectiveness of New York's efforts-Charles Dudley Warner; Studies in the Great West, in Harper's; (b) Chicago offers several suitable sites: New York has none; (c) the central position of Chicago will enable the greatest numbers to visit the fair; (d) Chicago excels New York in terminal facilities, and local transportation; (e) Chicago has a superior climate, water supply, and hotel accommodations.

III. (a) Foreign exhibitors prefer to exhibit their goods in the centre of a country; (b) it will enable foreigners to see our country.

IV. If the "capitol city" is to be selected, Washington, not New York, is the place.

V. Former fairs have all been held in the East; the energy of the West should be trusted with this one.

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