Review of the University and Freshman Crew Practice During the Past Week.

[Yale News].

During the past week although the weather has been disagreeable the university crew has rowed on the harbor every day. On account of unfavorable conditions of the water, however, they have been unable to go over the fourmile course for some time. Repairs on the launch were finished Monday and since then Mr. Cook has been able to avail himself of it for coaching purposes. No permanent changes have been made in the boat. During the absence of F. W. Allen 1900, who was away for a few days last week, J. C. Greenway 1900 rowed at 6. R. M. Patterson 1900 has been rowing bow in place of W. B. Williams, who has been obliged to go home on account of illness. R. A. Magee is still compelled to row in the pair-oar or second boat on account of difficulties concerning his studies.

The university crew has been rowing for somewhat over a week in the shell used in last year's race. The second university and second freshman crews brought three shells down from Lake Whitney on Wednesday which they and the first freshman crew will begin to use very soon.

The following men were taken to the training table which was started last week: Captain Payne Whitney '98, R. P. Flint '99 S., J. C. Greenleaf '99 S., F. W. Allen 1900, J. W. Cross 1900, J. P. Brock 1900, J. H. Niedecken 1900, R. A. McGee '99 S., and W. B. Williams 1900.

The squad now consists of sixteen men who are rowing in the following order:


University boat-Flint, stroke; Greenleaf, 7; Allen, 6; Cross, 5; Niedecken, 4; Brock, 3; Whitney, 2; Patterson, bow.

Second boat-D. F. Rogers, stroke; Griswold, 7; J. O. Rodgers, 6; McGee, 5; Wickes, 4; Parkhurst, 3; Greenway, 2; Hewitt, bow.

J. O. Rodgers '98, is in charge of the freshman squad, but Mr. Cook has assisted a great deal in the coaching.

At present the first boat is rowing as follows: Bow, C. B. Waterman, 1901; 2, H. Auchincloss 1901; 3, R. H. Gillett 1900 S; 4, G. S. Stillman 1901, and P. T. W. Hale 1900 S.; 5, W. E. Dowd 1900 S.; 6, F. G. Brown 1901; 7, T. Kelly 1900 S.; stroke, J. A. Keppleman 1900.

The training table will be started up shortly before the Easter vacation.