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Published in Revised Form After a Delay of Three Months.


After a delay of three months the University Catalogue for 1897-98 in revised form was put on sale yesterday afternoon. Instead of being divided under seven heads, each devoted to a Department of the University, the new catalogue is divided into four main parts, the first dealfing with the officers and students in the University and with Recipients of Degrees and Distinctions; the second with the University and its Departments; the third with Radcliffe College (which appears in the catalogue for the first time); and the fourth containing a complete directory and index. These changes, which are an infinite improvement over the old arrangement, are largely due to Professor James M. Peirce, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, who himself edited the reports under the charge of the Faculty.

During the past year there have been no changes in the Corporation, but the Board of Overseers has Francis Lee Higginson '63, James Jackson Storrow '85, and George Angier Gordon '81, elected for five years in place of Thomas Jefferson Coolidge '84, George Otis Shattuck '51, and Charles Russell Codman '49, retiring, with Charles Joseph Bonaparte '71, and Charles Follen Folsom '62, reelected for five years. The year has seen the deaths of Professor George Martin Lane, Professor Frederic DeForrest Allen and Dr. Justin Winsor, and the appointments of William Collidge Lane '81, as Librarian, and of Asst. Professors Wendell, Channing and Hart to full professorships. Other important appointments have been those of Dr. Santayana and Messrs. Gates and Parker to assistant professorships. There are three new appointments to the Board of Preachers, Dr. Harris, President Hyde and Dr. Harris, President Hyde and Dr. Faunce having succeeded Bishop Vincent, Dr. McConnell and Dr. Moxom.

The number of administrative officers is this year the same as last, 447. Of these 86 are professors, 3 associate professors, 37 assistant professore, 15 lectures, 1 tutor, 142 instructors, 114 assistants, 5 preachers, 14 curators and library officers, and 30 proctors and other officers. The total registration of students in all Departments of the University is 3866, a gain of 192 over last year. Of this number 1819 are members of the College proper, 410 of the Scientific School, 287 of the Graduate School, 40 of the Divinity School, 548 of the Law School, 588 of the Medical School, 130 of the Dental School, 33 of the Veterinary School, and 11 of the Bussey Institution. There were, outside these figures, 717 students in the Summer School, a gain of 93 over the previous year.

In dealing with the University and its Departments those under the Faculty of Arts and Sciences are first to be considered. The Faculty itself has four new names on its list: Professor J. B. Thayer of the Law School, Messrs. J. J. Hayes and F. R. Robinson of the English Department and Mr. W. S. Burke of the Scientific School. There are fourteen main divisions instead of twelve under the jurisdiction of the Faculty this year. The Division, hitherto the Department of Engineering under the Division of Pure and Applied Mathematics, has been formed with Professor Hollis as Chairman, and the Chairs of Biology and Geology take the place of the old Division of Natural History. Professor Farlow is Chairman of the Division of Biology which includes the Departments of Botany and Zoology, and Professor Shaler of the Geological Division which includes the Departments of Geology and Mineralogy. Professor Goodwin succeeds Professor Smith as Chairman of the Division of Ancient Languages; Professor Wendell succeeds Professor Hill as Chairman of the Department of English, and Asst. Professor von Jagemann succeeds Professor Sheldon as Chairman of the Department of Germanic and Romance Philology.

On the Administrative Board of Harvard College, Professors Greenough, Davis, Channing and Sabine, and Mr. Gardiner, succeed Professors Royce, Gross, Schilling, Osgood and Baker. Asst. Professor Adams and Mr. Parker succeed Professors Hall and Thaxter on the Administrative Board of the Lawrence Scientific School, and Professor Munsterberg succeds Professor Smith on that of the Graduate School.

Important to not under the jurisdiction of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences is the new system of admission requirements to the College and Scientifie School, now under consideration. Some new studies are to be added to the list of requirements, and the definitions of others materially amended. The terms of admission to the Academic Department under the new system are not yet formulated, but it is the purpose of the Faculty to assign each study a certain number of points, and to state the total requirement for admission in the form of a fixed aggregate. It is not intended to increase the total amount of work required, however. The plan for the Scientific School contemplates bringing the admission requirements up to substantial equality with those of the College.

The number of scholarships having stipends which are this year available for students under the charge of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences is 203, against 196 of last year. Of these, 120 are awarded to undergraduates of Harvard College; 28 to students in the Lawrence Scientific School, and 53 to students in the Graduate School. The aggregate income of these scholarships is $43,475 as against $42,330 of last year. This includes $6,450 granted by the University itself under the names of University and Normal School Scholarships. The Hilton Scholarships and the Howard Gardner Nichols Scholarship have been recently founded.

Of the other Departments of the University there is little important to note. The Law Faculty has been increased to ten members by the addition of Assistant Professor F. B. Williams; a new scholarship, the Edward Wigglesworth, has been founded in the Medical School; and Dr. John Collins Warren has retired from the Faculty of the Veterinary School. The report of the College Library gives the total number of bound volumes at 355, 600, a gain of 11, 600 over

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