Changes in Prescribed English Courses.

At a regular meeting of the Faculty, yesterday afternoon, the changes in prescribed English, as recommended by the English Department, were adopted by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

Voted: That in 1898 and thereafter, until further notice, a candidate for admission, who has passed the examination in elementary English with grade A or B, may take a second examination, which, if passed with grade of A or B, shall exempt him from the prescription of English A.

At this examination, which shall be held in September only, a candidate will write one or more compositions on topics to be selected by him from a list comprising subjects in English literature, the classics, French and German authors, History and Science. The examination will occupy two hours.

Voted: That a student who has attained grade A or B in English A, taken as a prescribed course, shall be exempted from the prescription of English B or B-C.

The Faculty also appointed a committee of the Arts and Sciences to investigate plans for the proposed course in Physical training and to report to the Faculty.


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