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Leiter Cup Series.


In the arrangement of this series it is desired to accomplish two things that are not possible by the ordinary methods. It is desired that all the teams play about the same number of games, whereas by the ordinary method the teams which are defeated in the first one or two games drop out and the winning teams play, as last year, seven or eight or possibly ten games. It is also desired to furnish some incentive for teams to keep together from year to year, so that even if some of the members of a team graduate the remaining members will furnish a nucleus the succeeding year.

The committee, therefore, have decided to try this year arranging the series in a way which can be best described as an imitation of the bumping races held between the different English college crews. In those races the crews are started not side by side but one behind theother, and race not one day but on several days. If on the first day a crew overtakes and bumps the one ahead of it, then on the second day these crews change places, so that a crew has a chance to move up towards the head one place for each day of the races-to hold the leading place or head of the river being the object for which all the crews are striving.

In the arrangement of the Leiter cup series the same plan is to be followed. The teams that enter will be placed in order, any teams that were in the final series of last year being placed at the head, any teams which played last year being placed next and the new teams that enter this year for the first time being placed towards the bottom.

The playing will then be arranged as follows:

The first round will consist of number one playing number two, number three playing number four, and so on down. If a team beats the one ahead of it-that is if number two beats number one-those teams will change places for the next round. Thus supposing that number two beats number one, number three beats number four and number six beats number five, number two will take number one's place for the second round, number three and four will retain their places, number six will take number five's place and so on down. The second round will be played in the same way, number one standing out while number two plays number three, number four plays number five, and so on.

The result of this method will be that all teams will play the same number of games, and that even if a team loses one or two games it will still be able to improve its position for next year by winning the remaining games.

Since this is the first year of this method a special rule will be made so that the luck of the draw among the teams whose exact place was not determined by the final series last year will be as small as possible. The Leiter Cups will not be awarded immediately to the leading team after the series is finished, but a special series will be held between the final number one and any teams which won all their games in the various rounds.

Rules for Entering.The conditions under which a team which played last year may re-enter will be as follows:

At least two of last year's players must be of this year's team.

A team re-entering may play all of its last year's men whether they are class team men or not, but it shall not take in any new class team men if it has now two or more class team men.

If any last year's team is broken up so that there is any dispute as to which team this year represents it, the this year's team having the greater number of last year's team shall be entitled to the name and to the right of re-entry.

Entries for New teams.1. Any man wishing to play, but unconnected with any team, may hand in his name, with the position he wishes to play.

2. New teams may have not over two class team men.

3. No team shall play any former 'Varsity or "College Nine" player of this or any other college. Otherwise a team may take in men in good standing in any department of the University.

Entries may be made at Leavitt and Peirce's on or before April 9th, or may be handed to J. L. Valentine, secretary, 16 Weld Hall.

Entries should give the name of the team, the name of the captain, and the names of the players.

The further details of the arrangement of the series and the playing rules will be announced shortly before the spring recess and the games will on the Tuesday after the spring recess.

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