To appear in this column, notices must be left at the office before 9 p. m.

PI ETA SOCIETY.- Important meeting tonight at 7.30 p. m.

LAMPOON.- Meeting of the board at 8 p. m.

HARVARD CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION.- The general secretary can be found in Grays 17 mornings except Tuesday 10.30-11.00, and afternoons except Saturday 2.30-3.00.

HARVARD UNION.- There will be no meeting tonight.

FRESHMAN DEBATING CLUB.- The debate on Monday evening will be on the question: "Resolved, That the Union of Harvard University and the M. I. T. would be beneficial to both institutions." Speakers for the affirmative-J. H. A. Symonds, A. Turner; negative-J. C. Mangan, C. W. Wright.


'VARSITY BANJO CLUB.- Concert this afternoon. Be at the square at 3.15 sharp. New men need not come. Wear black sack suits.

FRENCH PLAY.- There will be a rehearsal of the second act in Ware Hall Gymnasium at 7.30 this evening. All men trying for parts in this act must be present.

WELD 1901 CREW.- First eight be dressed to row at 3.30; others be at boat house dressed to row at 5.00.

'VARSITY MANDOLIN CLUB.- Rehearsal today at 4.45 p. m. in L. S. S. 1.

1900 Crew.- 2nd crew row at 3.30. 1st crew at 4.

WHIST CLUB.- Meeting of officers at 7.15 tonight. Business meeting at 7.30. Election of members.

FRESHMAN MANDOLIN CLUB.- Rehearsal at 6.45 on Friday at L. S. S. Every one must know the "Bride Elect," without music.

ADVOCATE.- Hereafter all manuscripts should be sent to F. M. Alger, 1 Beck Hall.

HARVARD GOLF TEAM.- There will be a meeting of the candidates for the golf team in 42 Claverly Hall on Friday, March 4, at 7.30 p. m. Plans for spring practice will be made and schedules arranged. All men who play golf are requested to be present.

CONTRIBUTIONS for the March number of the Monthly must be sent to R. S. Dunn, 53 Ware Hall, by Friday morning.