Special Notice.

YES, I really think Griffith's at 7 Brattle street, Harvard square, is one of the best conducted barber shops I ever saw. I always feel satisfied when I get my hair cut there. They take so much pains in trimming it to have it look just so. Of course they make a specialty of haircutting. Get Griffith to hone your razor.

TYPEWRITING, Weaver 44 CollegeHouse.

MR. FRED. W. WHITAKER, of Whitaker and Co., Tailors, 43 Conduit street, London, W., has arrived at Young's Hotel, Boston, with special samples for spring and summer. He will be there until the 28th inst. Hotel hours 8 to 11 a. m., 4.30 to 7 p. m. Appointments by letter. 8 13

TO LET.- A $500 suite for $100. Double suite No. 16 Ware Hall. Corner room, one flight up. Apply at No. 9 Littles Block. 13 4

FIREPROOF DORMITORY, THE DUNSTER.- Now is the time to engage rooms. Apply to Charles W. Sever, University Bookstore. 13 4


MISS POST'S School for Instruction in Dancing at Pierce Hall, Copley Square, Boston. Private lessons a specialty. Monday evenings a special class for instruction in the new dances. Office hous 9-11 a. m. daily. 1 tf

DANCING CLASS.- Mrs. S. J. Chandler's meets at Odd Fellows Hall, Cambridgeport, Tuesday nights. Private lessons by appointment. Residence, 290 Harvard street, corner of Clinton street. 2tf

L. PINKOS AND Co., Tailors.- Grand opening in our new store, 1122 Mass. Ave., (opp. Remington St.). A great reduction in prices for the months of January and February. Call and examine. 75 tf

TAKEN from 36 Claverly Hall: 3 scarf pins and pearl studs. $25 reward and absolutely no questions asked if returned.

GEORGE T. MOFFATT is the only shorthand stenographer in Cambridge that makes a specialty of students' work. He pays special attention to typewriting Themes, Theses, Forensics and Briefs. Low rates for Dictation. Crimson office.

STUDENTS.- Buy and Sell your College Text Books at the Harvard Book Store, 33 Brattle St. 1tf

A FEW vacant suites and single rooms in Read's Block, Boylston street. Hot and cold water and steam heat and bathrooms. Apply to janitor. 12 tf

TO LET for rest of year, room at 1256 Mass. Ave. Apply to janitor. Also half a suite at 32 Winthrop Hall. Drop line, or call about 1 p. m. at latter place.

PRESCOTT HALL.- A few double suites now vacant. Fire insurance on furniture, clothes and books in dormitories, $2 and upward. Ellis and Melledge, Lyceum Building, Harvard Square. 1tf

NEWMAN the Shoeman has the Agency for the White and the Featherstone Bicycles. Call in and look at them.

CAMBRIDGE SAFE DEPOSIT AND TRUST Co.- No. 1300 Mass. avenue. Excellent facilities for the storage of silver and valuables. Boxes to rent, $10 per year. Deposits received subject to check and collections made in all parts of the U. S. t

YACHT GIVEN AWAY! The prize winner "Cirrus," 40 ft. over all, 7 1-2 draught, completely found, carrying yawl rig for cruising; now at Marble head, in perfect condition. Must be sold immediately. Cost $3500. Will take $1000.

A. C. TRAIN, 108 Brattle Street, Cambridge.DANA CHAMBERS.- Double or single suites in this Dormitory on Dunster street, can now be engaged. Superior rooms. Convenient location. Best of plumbing. Moderate prices. Send for circulars or call at Cambridge Savings Bank, Cambridge. 6 tf