To appear in this column, notices must be left at the office before 9 p. m.

PI ETA SOCIETY.- Full dress rehearsal at 8 o'clock Monday evening. All members of the Society and press correspondents invited. Tickets for the Cambridge performances, April 13 and 14, on sale at Thurston's and for the Boston performance at Herricks.

COLLEGE NINE.- Practice on Holmes Field at 3.30 p. m.

FRESHMAN BASEBALL.- Be on Soldiers Field at 3.45. Game with Hopkinson.

FRESHMAN GLEE CLUB.- Rehearsal at 6.45 Tuesday.

PIERIAN SODALITY.- Performance in Brattle Hall tonight. Dress suits. Be there at 7.30 sharp.


Tuesday night at Copley Hall, Boston. Be there at 8 sharp.

Thursday night, Brattle Hall at 7.30 sharp.

Friday night, concert at Harvard Musical Asso., 1 W. Cedar street, Boston. Be there at 7.50 sharp.

SHOOTING CLUB.- Shoot this afternoon from 3 to 5.

FRENCH PLAY BALLET.- Every man be at Brattle Hall this afternoon at 3.30 sharp. Rehearsal with orchestra.

FRENCH PLAY-Tickets for tonight's performance may be bought at Thurston's until 7.30; after that at Brattle Hall.

FRENCH PLAY USHERS.- F. R. Nourse, L. T. Baker, McCall, Lawton, R. Wolcott, Jr., Wheelock, G. C. Ward, E. Maynard, Jr., J. F. Curtis, F. A. Turner, Jr., Gilder, R. A. Jackson, L. E. Eustis, be at Brattle Hall this evening at 7.15 sharp. Dress Suits.

EXETER Alumni Association-Dinner at Parker House, April 12, at 6.30., preceded by election of officers. Tickets, $2.50.

RECONCENTRADOS.- The following men be on Soldiers Field at 3 sharp, Tuesday afternoon for baseball practice: C. O. Swain, R. S. Holland, H. Ward, J. H. Holliday, S. C. Ledyard, B. Flandran, E. L. Dudley, W. S. Clough, P. P. Chase; also E. Gray, R. D. Boardman, A. G. Mason, J. D. Barney, M. Churchill, A. N. Rice. All men not there will be dropped.