University Calendar.

11. Monday.

President and Fellows of Harvard College. Meeting at No. 50 State street, Boston, 10.30 a. m.

Seminary of American History and Institutions. Public Opinion in the North in 1860-1861. Mr. R. B. Perry. University 24, 3.30 p. m.

Seminary of Economics. The InterColonial Railway. Mr. C. E. Seaman. University 23, 4.30 p. m.

Mathematical Conference. Linear Transformation in Relation to Linear Dependence. Mr. A. V. A. B. McCauley. Sever 20, 4.30 p. m.

Lectures on the Civil War. II. Shiloh and New Orleans. John Fiske, LL. D. Fogg Lecture Room, 4.30 p. m.


Admission by ticket only.

Lectures on the Old Greek Comedy. IV. The Poetry of Aristophanes. Professor B. L. Gildersleeve. Harvard 1, 4.30 p. m.

Open to the public.

Radcliffe College. Lectures on Kindergarten Principles and Methods. V. Froebel's Idea of Imitation. Miss Laura Fisher. Fay House, 4.30 p. m.

Open to all members of the University and of Radcliffe College.

Freshman Debating Club. Debate. Sever 11, 7 p. m.

Question: "Resolved, That the United States should construct and operate the Nicarague canal."

Principal Disputants.- Affirmative S. J. Kornhauser and R. S. Silver.- Negative: J. Regan and D. C. Hirsch.

Open to all members of the University.

Cercle Francais. First Performance of Moliere's "Le Medecin Malgre Lui." Brattle Hall, 8 p. m.

Lectures on Classical Archxology. III. Roman Portraits. Professor Percy Garner. Fogg Lecture Room, 8 p. m.

Open to the public.

Harvard Religious Union. Other Worldliness. Mr. A. O. Lovejoy. Parlors of the First Parish Church, 6.45 p. m.

Open to all members of the University.