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At the meeting of the class of '98 last evening it was voted by a large majority to accept the proposals of the Class Day Committee, and hold the afternoon exercises on Class Day in Memorial Hall Delta instead of the old Tree enclosure.

The move was felt to be advisable for several reasons. First, because of the dangers due to unavoidable overcrowding in the old location which led to the reducing of the number of seats last year and which have made a move inevitable in the eyes of the Corporation. Second, because while in the eyes of the Corporation there are no objections to the new site on the ground of danger, 1500 more people can be seated and much more space be left available for the classes and graduates. Thirdly, the vote to move was carried because the majority felt that the new location offered possibilities for much more fitting and impressive exercises.

There were a number of speeches made in opposition, although the final vote was 5-1 in favor of the affirmative. The arguments brought up by this side were, that it would be better to shut out the audience entirely and stick to the old exercises than move to a new location, and that the exercises as held last year would be preferable to any that could be held in the Delta. It was further proposed that the new programme be adopted for exercises in the old place.

Nothing was said in regard to the details of the programme offered for exercises in the Delta, it being understood that they be left to the committee, aided by any individual suggestion which they could command. In brief the programme as now outlined is:

After assembling in the Yard the classes, Junior, Sophomore and Freshman, will march through the north gate across to the Delta, entering from the side facing the statue; Juniors will line up at the foot of the north row of seats, Sophomores at the foot of the west row, and Freshmen at that of the south row. The Seniors after marching around the Yard and cheering the buildings as heretofore, with the addition of the old Tree, will enter last in caps and gowns, and will form in semi-circles in front of and facing the statue. The arrangement would then be, graduates at the end of Memorial Hall with John Harvard at their head, and Seniors facing the statue about to be welcomed into the ranks of the graduates.

The cheering will be continued as in the old exercises, and the singing also, although the scrap will have to go entirely. Instead, however, of a scanty amount of singing as heretofore, the 'Varsity and Freshman Glee Clubs will be present, near the statue, and together, in order that the volume of sound may be greater, and will alternate with the cheering in singing Harvard songs suitable to the occasion. Seniors will be expected to help out in the singing, as well as in the cheering. Toward the end of the exercises, some prominent graduate, standing to the right of the statue, will make a very short address, welcoming the Seniors into the ranks of the graduates. Then there will be more cheering and singing. The exercises will conclude with the singing of Fair Harvard in which every one will rise and join as heretofore. At its conclusion the Seniors will separate and pass to either side of the statue, taking as they pass the flowers with which the base of the statue will be covered; they will then leave the Delta by the exit to the rear and left of the statue, and the exercises will be over.

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