Special Notice.

WILL "K. Z." please call for answers to his special notice.

"HARVARD INN," Cambridge, 391 Harvard street corner of Prescott. Good rooms and best table board. Location convenient for students and for friends visiting them. Transients accommodated. 50 3

THE dual track meet between Amherst and Technology will be held at the Riverside Recreation Grounds on May 7. The state meet of the Y. M. C. A. also will be held on these grounds on June 4. Grand stands seating 600 will be erected on the field, and a special train will run direct to the grounds on May 7.

DANCING CLASS.- Mrs. S. J. Chandler's meets at Odd Fellows Hall, Cambridgeport, Tuesday nights. Private lessons by appointment. Residence, 290 Harvard street, corner of Clinton street. 2 tf

STUDENTS who ride Bicycles and wish their wheels put in good shape before the season opens up would do well to bring them in now, or send a postal, or leave word and we will call and get the machine and deliver. First class work. 15 years in the Bicycle business. Agent for the Dayton, White, Eagle, Featherstone, Harvard Crimson, and Harvard Special Bicycles.


NEWMAN THE SHOEMAN, 1288 Mass. Ave.All business of the Harvard Cycle Co. transacted here.

MISS POST'S School for Instruction in Dancing at Pierce Hall, Copley Square, Boston. Private lessons a specialty. Monday evenings a special class for instruction in the new dances. Office hours 9-11 a. m. daily. 1 tf

THE vocal score of "Boscabello," this year's Pudding Play, will be published April 29. Orders taken by Briggs and Briggs, Cambridge, or the publishers, H. B. Stevens Company, 212 Boylston street, Boston. 48 9

BOXING.- Do you want to take boxing lessons? If so there is no better man than Wm. S. Gordon, who has been appointed instructor at the Gymnasium. Lessons at Gymnasium or at room. Wm. S. Gordon, 74 Boylston street, Boston. 27 tf