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English C.

Topics for Third Forensic.


1. Is the proposed change in the exercises on Class Dav desirable?

2. Is intervention in Cuba, even at the cost of war, justifiable?

3. Is the Shylock of Shakspere a villain or a martyr?

4. Is Tristan as depicted in Gottfried von Stanbourg's "Tristan und Isolde" an ideal knight of the Middle Ages?

5. Is Lachmann's Liedertheorie of the origin of the "Niebelungenlied" convincing?

6. Is Walt Whitman the representative American poet?

7. Are the Eskers of southern New England of sub-glacial origin?

8. Is self-sacrifice desirable?

9. Should the peace footing of the army of the United States be 75,000 men?

10. Was Lafayette's conduct toward the Jacobins in 1793 expedient?

11. Was the conduct of Sir H. Lowe toward Napoleon at St. Helena justifiable?

12. Is the proposed District Option System for licensing the sale of liquor in Boston advisable?

13. Was Ostracism as practiced at Athens for the best interests of the city?

14. Has France or England the better right to the control of the Soudan?

15. Does a Subway best solve the difficulties of railroad transportation at Harvard Square?

16. Should matriculation of Freshmen be deferred till the mid-year period?

17. Had Shelley a personal belief in Pantheism?

18. Was the coup d'etat of Napoleon in 1799 justifiable?

19. Has Lessing in his "Emilia Galotti" carried out his rules of tragedy?

20. Was the policy of the House of Hapsburg wiser toward the papacy than than that of the House of Hohenstaufen?

The Third Forensic, with the Third Brief, will be due at Sever 10 before 5 o'clock, May 4.

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