Sophomores Win-Juniors Third-Time, 9 min. 52 1=2 sec.

The postponed class races were rowed Saturday morning, April 16, over the Back Bay course, down stream, under fair conditions. 1900 won by a length and a half in excellent form. '98 was second, half a length in front of '99, who finished very weak. 1901 brought up the rear with their stern barely overlapping the Junior boat. The time was 9 minutes 52 1-2 seconds. The four crews caught the water well together, '99 taking the lead, and holding it for about three-quarters of a mile. At the bridge the race seemed to be between them and 1900. '98 was a length to the rear with the Freshmen close behind.

Just after passing the bridge Higginson raised the stroke and the 1900 boat moved to the lead. The Junior crew was unable to respond to a higher stroke, it had no power though the form was good. Dobyns took it up for a beautiful spurt in the Senior boat and his crew passed '99 about a half mile from the finish and steadily closed in on the Sophomores until the line was crossed. Had the course been an eighth of a mile longer the Freshmen would have passed '99. The work of 1901 throughout was very promising and their final spurt, although a little late, was very creditable.

1900 rowed in the following order: Stroke, Higginson; 7, Glidden; 6, Byrd; 5, Heath; 4, Kernan; 3, Pierce; 2, Harding; bow, Bedford.

'98 finally rowed as follows: Stroke, Dobyns; 7, Goodrich; 6, Perkins; 5, Bancroft; 4, Marvin; 3, Wadsworth; 2, Bull; bow, Adams.