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Captain Goodrich's resignation from the position he held for a year and a half as the head of the Harvard crew and his withdrawal from the squad are events which have taken the undergraduates altogether unawares. A week ago it would have seemed almost as likely that the eight would be disbanded entirely, as that a Harvard crew would be sent to New London this June without Goodrich. No similar occurrence could create deeper or more widespread regret, and most Harvard men, whether oarsmen or not, find it hard to reconcile themselves to the step. Nevertheless, since Goodrich has himself seen fit to withdraw, and since the coaches approve his action there is nothing for it but to accept the inevitable, and admire the spirit in which the resignation was made.

We wish, difficult though the task is, to try to express the gratitude which the college feels for such service as Goodrich stands for. His work has been of the sort which Harvard may well take pride in-absolute devotion to the cause, and absolute disregard for personal interests.

It is such records as this which justify athletics, and which explain the honorable position in the college world which is accorded to some athletic leaders. To strain to the utmost every muscle, to tax every mental resource, and to exercise all the manly qualities which are demanded in the athlete, these are surely worth while in themselves independent of victory or defeat. Harvard has had many captains who have done these things, but few who have done them as disinterestedly as Goodrich. His final act of self effacement, however necessary it may have seemed to him and to the coaches, can but add to the respect which is felt for him. An undergraduate seldom has a harder thing to do. Resignation before success, setting aside the chance so cagerly looked forward to, of making one more effort, is bitter. The college knows this, and it knows now better than ever before, what it owes to its e crew captain.

As for the successor to the position, none better could have been chosen, and we look forward with confidence to an able management of rowing interests.