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Cornell's athletic teams are in rather an unsettled state at present. Yet never we believe, has there been a spring in the history of the College when there were brighter prospects for fair success in every branch than at present. Although the preparatory period has been unusually prolonged and the final picking of the various teams somewhat delayed, still some idea of their capabilities may be gotten from their work thus far.

As for the crews, an acurate estimate of their worth is difficult to give, for all their practicing heretofore has been done on the inlet, yesterday being the first day a crew has been out on the lake, where a man's form and endurance can be tested to the full. Mr. Courtney has devoted the most of his attention to the freshmen. There is an abundance of good material among the twenty candidates left. They are rowing exceedingly well and unless all signs fail, the 1901 crew will be fully as strong as any of its predecessors.

The 'varsity has been rowing for a week or so as follows: Stroke, Briggs; 7, Savage; 6, Oddie; 5, Sweetland; 4, King, 3, Moore; 2, Bentley; bow, Dalzell; coxswain, Captain Colson. This combination is rowing well together and will in all probability be kept as it is for some time-or at least until next week, when the practice races on the lake begin. As will be noticed, only five of these men were in the '97 victorious crew. Oddie '99 at 6 is filling ex-Captain Spillman's place very acceptably. When Odell left college last term it was thought it would be difficult to find a No. 5 man his equal. Sweetland '99, however, although a trifle awkward, is a tower of strength there and should develop into a valuable man. Wakeman '99, last year's bow oar, has been forced to yield his seat to Dalzell '99, who is much heavier and a splendid oarsman. Strong as the crew may be, Mr. Courtney is not a little worried lest out of the remaining candidates he shall not be able to pick a crew which shall push the 'varsity. This was no small reason for Cornell's success last year.

One of the surprises of the year has been the remarkable revival of lacrosse. The movement was begun in the winter term with such enthusiasm that when the out-of-door season opened, about twenty-five men reported-among them being not a few experienced players. The practice thus far has been fast and clever. Captain Powell expects to make a creditable showing against Harvard, Toronto, Lehigh and the other teams which will be met later in the term.


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