First Game with Dartmouth this Afternoon on Soldiers Field.

The first of the 'Varsity's two games with Dartmouth will be played on Soldiers Field this afternoon at 4 o'clock.

Judging from the excellent showing of the nine on its southern trip and a lack of practice on Dartmouth's part it is safe to say that Harvard stands a good chance of winning both of the games. Dartmouth played her first game of the season yesterday and comes to Cambridge backed by none of the practical experience that the 'Varsity thus far has taken advantage of.

The batting orders will probably be:


Laughlin, s.s. 1b., Rowe.


Rand, l. f. 2b., Folsom.

Haughton, 2b. s. s., McCarter.

Burgess, r. f. 3b., Macandrew.

Lynch, c. f. r. f., Crolius.

Clark, 3b. c. f., Gibbons.

McCornick, 1b. l. f., Pingree.

Fitz or Morse, p. p., Hancock.

Reid or Davis, c. c., Drew.