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The work of the 'Varsity crew has been progressing steadily and yesterday Mr. Lehmann put them in the new English shell for the first time. They have thus far been rowing in a compromise barge which was used yesterday for a short row before going out in the shell. The men at first were not quite at home in the new boat, as the rigging did not fit in some cases, but Mr. Lehmann feels confident that the shell will prove very satisfactory after some slight changes. The shell was built by Sims and Son, Putney, and is very light. Though somewhat strained by its long journey, it has been thoroughly repaired and is in perfect shape.

The men did not keep the boat well on her keel at first, but steadied down and showed a marked improvement at the end. J. Lawrence, at 3, though an inexperienced oar, gives promise of turning out well.

The two stern men, Higginson and Biddle, being comparatively light, keep up a lively stroke which is well followed by the rest of the crew.

The crew rowed in the following order: Stroke, Higginson; 7, Biddle; 6, J. F. Perkins; 5, Heath; 4, J. H. Perkins; 3. J. Lawrence; 2, Kernan; bow, H. Adams; coxswain, Plumb.

Before going out in the shell J. H. Perkins coached the second crew from the launch. Most of the men showed a tendency to hurry their slides, and although Dobyns at stroke was apt to rush his slide, the crew seemed to catch ahead of him. The order was as follows: Stroke, Dobyns; 7, Marvin; 6, Byrd; 5, Wadsworth; 4, Glidden; 3, Palmer; 2, Blake; bow, Dibblee; coxswain, Goodridge.

The Weld crews are still in a very unsettled state. Yesterday the second senior crew was abolished. The junior crew from now on will not be restricted to Freshmen as was originally proposed. The three crews went out yesterday in the following orders:

Senior-Stroke, Harding; 7, DuBois; 6, Bancroft; 5, Sheafe; 4, Tilton; 3, Pierce; 2, Davis; bow, F. M. Morrill. Orton 2B., coxswain, is acting as temporary captain.

Intermediate-Stroke, E. H. Morrill; 7, Clark; 6, Coonley; 5, Butler, 4, Lee; 3, Huntington; 2, Wood; bow, Hawes. Clark is acting as temporary captain. Wood, who is a Senior, is not eligible to row in the intermediate crew, but went out yesterday to fill up. He also rowed for a time in the junior crew.

Junior-Stroke, Coonley; 7, Sherbourne; 6, Wood; 5, Martin; 4, Schlesinger; 3, DuBois; 2, Blake; bow, Whitmore. Schlesinger is acting as temporary captain.

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