Game with Williams This Afternoon at Williamstown.

The 'Varsity nine will play its first game with Williams College at Williamstown this afternoon. The nine left yesterday afternoon at 3 o'clock on the Fitchburg railroad.

The batting order of the two nines will probably be as follows:

Harvard. Williams.

Laughlin, s. s. 3b., Street.

Rand, l. f., 1b., Bolton.


Haughton, 2b. l. f., Doughty.

Burgess, r. f. c., Ross.

Lynch, c. f. s. s., Lydecker.

Clark, 3b. r. f., Seaver.

McCornick, 1b. c. f., Russell.

Reid, c. p., Plunkett.

Morse or Fitz, p. 2b., Perry.