Football Practice.

Instead of the regular football practice yesterday afternoon, a game of two ten-minute halves was played between Murchie's and Cochrane's teams.

The playing was very lively. Daly and Hatch did some excellent all round work and Swain ran well with the ball. Cochrane and Heard were very effective in breaking up interference. Just as time was called, Murchie's team was forced to make a safety, leaving the score 2 to 0 in favor of Cochrane's team. Another game will be played today between the same teams.

The line-ups follow:

URCHIE'S TEAM. COCHRANE'S TEAM. R. A. Jackson '99, l. e. r. e., F. D. Cochrane '99.

C. O. Swain 1900, l. t. r. t., F. Burnett 1900.


G. Murchie 2 L., l. g. r. g., B. Z. Kasson 1901.

J. N. Trainer, Jr., c. c., C. Sargent (Hop. School).

W. A. M. Buaden 1900, r. g. l. g., A. R. Sargent 1900.

H. W. Stowell '99, r. t. l. t., E. Gray, Jr., 1900.

S. J. Kornhauser 1901, r. e. l. e., E. Heard 1900.

C. D. Daly 1901, q. b. q. b., C. H. Hatch 1900.

B. Taylor 1901, l. h. b. r. h. b., J. E. Brooks '99.

W. A. Buxton 1900, r. h. b. l. h. b., I. T. Hester 1 L.

P. Brown '99, f. b. f. b., K. McG. Martin 1900.