Department of the Library Relating to the College.

The Librarian desires to obtain for the Special Collection relating to Harvard University in the College Library everything that illustrates in any way the current life of the College. To this end the co-operation of the students in general and in particular that of officers of College Societies, Classes, Papers, etc., is asked.

Copies of programmes, posters, tickets, bills of fare at society or class dinners, circulars, pamphlets, photographs, clippings, badges, medals and anything that bears upon the student life of the present or the past will be welcome.

A collection of this kind can only be made through the good will and painstaking of many individuals, each contributing what comes in his way.

The "Harvard University Collection" is already extensive and interesting and is in charge of the Deputy Keeper of the University Records, Mr. W. G. Brown, to whom, or to the Librarian contributions may be sent.