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The new courses proposed by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences for the year 1898-99 are now announced, with the exception of those in the Classical Department. It must be remembered that the following statements are not final, for the courses mentioned are subject to possible slight alterations.

Assistant Professor Gates will be absent during part of next year. Professor Wendell will give English 8 1 over again, but it will extend through the whole year. Courses 15 2, 8 2, 19 2, 16, 29, 25 2, 26 2, 27 1, 13, 20a and 20c are bracketed or dropped. The subject matter of 17 1 and 24 1 will be changed, and 5 will be broken up into two half courses. Professor Baker will conduct a new course, "E.- pository and Argumentative Composition," as an equivalent to English C and a half course of elective study.

In Germanic Languages and Literature, two new half courses are proposed, an "Introduction to Germanic Philology" by Professor von Jagemann and an "Introduction to the History of German Literature" by Professor Francke. Courses 2, 7, 11 1, 11 2, 13, 21 and 16 1, are bracketed or dropped and courses 3, 9 1, 9 2, 14 2, 15 1 and 18 2 are unbracketed. Course 5a2 is transferred to the first half year, as course 26 1. New seminary courses are also offered in this department.

The elective panphlet will contain a new heading, "Scandinavian Literature," under which a course is proposed on "Modern Danish and Norwegian Literature" by Dr. Schofield.

French 1c, 7, 7, 9, 11, 16, Romance Philology 7 and 2, and Italian 3 will not be given. One section of French 1a will be conducted in English. Two new courses are proposed, one by Dr. Schofield and the other, a history of the Pastoral, by Mr. Fletcher. Beginning with 1899-1900, a new course in "Old and Middle Welsh" will be given in alternate years by Dr. F. N. Robinson.

Several changes and additions are made in the Department of History. Courses 2, 18, 19, 7, 14 and 16 have been dropped or bracketed. In place of 12 1 and 12 2, Professor Macvane will give a whole course on "European History since the Middle of the Eighteenth Century." Professors Emerton and Hart each have new courses, while Professor Channing will offer two new courses. Professor Beale will conduct a new course on International Law in the Department. Government I will be made a whole course. Government 11 will be discontinued and 7 bracketed.

Professor Ashley is to be absent from the Department of Economics. Dr. Cunningham of Trinity College, Cambridge, will give two new courses, "Western Civilization in its Economic Aspects" and "The Industrial Revolution in England." Dr. Cummings will also give a new course. Courses 15, 14, 10, 7 1, 7 2, 12 1, and 11 are not going to be available during the year. Course 12 1 will be given as 12 1 and 13 and 16 are made full courses.

Professor Peabody will be absent during the year. Philosophy 5 will, therefore, not be given. Dr. Santayana will discontinue course 11 and give instead, a course on Aesthetics. Another change is made in Philosophy 1a. Logic, under Professor Palmer, will last only until the Christmas Recess, and from then to the Mid-years, there will be lectures by several members of the department. The second half year remains the same. Course 1b is also rearranged so that Dr. Santayana will lecture on ancient philosophy for the first half-year and Professor Royce on modern philosophy for the second. Philosophy 3 will be given by Professor Royce and Professor Palmer, and Professor James will give 9, hitherto conducted by Professor Royce.

Fine Arts 3 is to be given every year by Mr. Edward Robinson, Curator of Classical Antiquities in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. He will also give an advanced course on Classical Archaeology. Fine Arts 4, no longer an alternative with 3, will be given every year, beginning with 1899-1900, by Professor Moore. Professor Norton will continue to give Italian 4.

In the Mathematical Department, courses 6, 7b, 11, 19, 21 and 25 will not be available next year, Professor Byerly will give a new course, Professor Os good will give three new advanced courses and Professor Bocher and Professor B. O. Peirce will each have a new course. Professor Asaph Hall will conduct a new course in astronomy.

Engineering 3c, 10d, 13d, 16a are dropped and 4c is to be given during three weeks in the summer. Assistant Professor Johnson will conduct a new half course on "Elementary Structural Design."

Physics 20d is replaced by two courses to be given by Professor Hall. Professor B. O. Peirce also will conduct a new and advanced course in this department.

Professor Farlow of the Department of Botany will be absent and Professor Thaxter will return. Botany 5, Zoology 10 and 15 are bracketed.

In the Department of Geology and Geography, courses 1, 2, 6, 7, 28, 29, 17, 20 and 21 are bracketed or dropped, and 25 is made available. Course 8 may be taken as a half course by substituting a thesis for the field work and reports. Professor Shaler's course 14 is replaced by two half courses running through the year, and Dr. Jaggar will conduct a new course on "Structural Geology" of the United States.

In the Department of American Archaeology and Ethnology, Professor Putnam will give a new course on primitive religions.

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