Promenade Concert.

The programme for the Promenade Concert tonight at Music Hall will be as follows:

1. March, "Am I a Wiz?" Herbert.

2. Overture, "Stradella," Flotow.

3. Waltz, "Grubenlichter," Zeller.

4. Selection, "The Highwayman," De Koven.


5. Entree, "Triomphale des Boyards," Halvorsen.

6. Entr'acte, Gavotte for Strings, Gillet.

7. Overture on American Airs, Moses.

8. Waltz, "Love and Spring," Waldteufel.

9. Overture, "Light Cavalry," Suppe.

10. "Ronde d'Amour," Westerhout.

11. Polka, "The Mill," Strauss.

12. University March, Bruguiere.