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Saturday's game with Pennsylvania was anything but a pleasant climax to the football season. Pennsylvania won the game distinctly on its merits, and proved beyond doubt that she has the best team of the season. In comparison, Harvard was unquestionably weaker in team play, especially on the offensive. There was one feature of the game, however, which was much more gratifying. The Harvard team played the best game of which they were capable, and kept it up to the very end. In this respect they came up to expectations and redeemed themselves from their former disgrace. Having done their best, they have shown themselves worthy to resume the H, and they will doubtless do so with the full approbation of the University.

As for next year, we wish in the first place to congratulate Captain Dibblee for his new honor. He has well earned his position and enters upon it with the approval and confidence of the coaches, the team, and the students. He will have some knotty questions to decide, for it is evident that this year's system is but a beginning. On the other hand much has already been accomplished in the way of systematizing the work, and great care must be taken to retain its better features. Moreover, there are many practical lessons to be learned from the season's experience.

These questions will assuredly be thoroughly considered by Captain Dibblee and all the coaches. If, then, as there is every reason to expect, a course of wise conservatism be adopted, such as will make the most of this year's experience, there is every reason to look forward to a very considerable improvement next year, if not to ultimate success.

At the Worcester oval Saturday the Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapters from Harvard and the Worcester Polytechnic Institute played their annual game of football. The game went to Harvard by a score of 6 to 4. After the game the Harvard men were entertained at a banquet at the Hotel Adams.

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