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The intercollegiate golf tournament in which Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and Columbia will compete, opens on the Ardsley Club links, hear Dobb's Ferry, N. Y., tomorrow, and will continue through Friday and possibly Saturday. The two championships, team and individual, will be played for. Of these, the team championship was won by Yale last year, and the individual championship is now held by L. P. Bayard of Princeton.

The Harvard team consists of J. F. Curtis '99, captain, W. B. Cutting, Jr., 1900, J. H. Choate, Jr., 1 L., M. Barger '98, G. M. Sargent '99, I. T. Burden I L., and G. M. Wheelock 1901 as substitute. Of these men, Curtis, Cutting, Choate and Burden played on last year's team. G. C. Clark 1901, who won the college championship last fall, has been unable to play this spring on account of his baseball.

Curtis has made an excellent showing in the matches played thus far, especially at Brookline, where he deleted Herbert Leeds 2 up. Barger, one of the two new men on the team, has improved steadily this spring. He recently won the consolation prize in the Lakewood tournament, defeating J. Park of the Richmond County Club in the semifinals and A. W. Biddle of Philadelphia, in the finals. Sargent, the other new man, won the championship tournament of the Essex County Golf Club last spring, making 36 holes in 173 strokes. Choate is somewhat erratic in his play, which may be exceptionally good or only fair. He was runner-up in the open tournament at Stockbridge last year, where he played a very close match with W. T. Gray in the finals. Cutting is sure to do well. Last summer he won the open tournament at Newport, defeating a number of veteran golfers. Burden also did good work in the Newport tournament, and has grown steadier in his playing this spring. On the whole the team is a stronger one than last year's.

The Yale team will probably be made up as follows: R. Terry, Jr., W. R. Betts, W. B. Smith, J. Reid, Jr., R. H. Crowell and T. M. Robertson. The first four were members of the victorious Yale team last year. Yale has been playing strong teams this spring and making a good showing. Her team is considered stronger than last year's.

The Princeton team will probably be: L. P. Bayard, W. D. Vanderpool, Jr., J. Stuart, J. I. Blair, Jr., C. H. Murphy and W. Childs. The first three played last year and have been making good records this spring. Blair recently made a new record of 89 strokes for the New Brunswick links.

The Columbia team has played but one match this spring and has had less practice than the other college teams.

With the consent of the chairman of the Athletic Committee, the Harvard team has adopted a uniform consisting of a red golf coat trimmed with crimson, with crossed golf clubs and a small black "H" embroidered on the front.

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