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The University of Pennsylvania won the intercollegiate track games which were held on Berkeley Oval, Saturday, by a score of 50 3-4 points. Princeton was second with 28 points; Princeton was second with 28 points; Harvard third with 26 5-6; and Yale fourth with 22 2-3. All the events of the meet were exceedingly well contested. Two new world's records were made and six new collegiate records.

The summary:

100 yards dash.- Won by J. W. B. Tewksbury, U. of P.; J. W. Rush, P., second; A. W. Robinson, H., third; C. D. Whittemore, Syr., fourth. Time 10s.

120 yards hurdles-Won by A. C. Kraenzlein, U. of P.; E. C. Perkins, Y., second; J. W. Hallowell, H., third; J. M. McKibbin, U. of P., fourth. Time 15 3-5s., a new record.

440 yards dash-Won by F. W. Jarvis, P.; H. G. Lee, Syr.. second; C. F. Luce, Y., third; H. H. Fish, H., fourth. Time 50 4-5s.

Mile walk-Won by W. B. Fetterman, U. of P.; A. N. Butler, Y., second; C. W. Ottley, Hop., third; J. P. Adams, Y., fourth. Time 6m. 45 2-5s.; a new collegiate record.

Mile run-Won by J. Cregan, P.; A. Grant, U. of P., second; D. Grant, H., third; H. Speer, Y., fourth. Time 4m. 23 3-5s.

220 yards dash-Won by J. W. Tewksbury, U. of P.; J. H. Rush, P., second; R. D. Hoffman, U. of P., third; E. J. Green, H., fourth. Time 21 3-5s.

880 yards run-Won by J. Cregan, P.; J. Bray, W'ms., second; D. Grant, H., third; W. J. Brennan, Y., fourth. Time 1m. 58 2-5s.

Pole vault-W. W. Hoyt, H., R. G. Clapp, Y., and B. Johnson, Y., tied for first place; C. T. Dudley, Y., fouth. Height 11 ft. 1 in. A new record of 11 ft. 41-8 in. was established by Hoyt and Clapp on the vault-off.

Broad jump-Won by M. Prinstein, Syr., distance 23 ft. 7 3-8 in. a world's record; W. P. Remington, U. of P., second, 23 ft. 3 1-4 in.; A. C. Kraenzlein, U. of P., third, 23 ft. 1 1-2 in.; A. L. Nickerson, H., fourth, 22 ft. 2 1-2 in.

Shot put-Won by J. C. McCracken, U. of P., distance 43 ft. 8 1-2 in., an intercollegiate record; R. Garrett, Hop., second, 40ft. 9 1-2 in.; E. E. O'Donnell, Y., third, 39 ft. 9 1-2 in.; W. E. Bottger, P., fourth, 39 ft. 4 in.

High jump-W. G. Morse, H., A. N. Rice, H., C. N. Powell, Cornell, and J. D. Winsor, U. of P., tied at 5 ft. 11 1-8 in.

Hammer throw-Won by J. C. McCracken, U. of P., distance 149 ft. 5 1-2 in., a new intercollegiate record; H. C. Potter, P., second, 138 ft. 1 in.; T. Hare, U. of P., third, 124 ft. 4 in.; T. B. Sutphen, Y., fourth, 123 ft. 4 in.

220 yards hurdles-Won by A. C. Kraenzlein, U. of P., J. L. Bremer, H., second; W. G. Morse, H., third; J. W. Hallowell, H., fourth. Time 23 3-5s., a world's record.

Bicycle races won by Columbia, 33 points; Princeton second, 10 points; Georgetown third, 9 points, Yale fourth, 5 points.

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