Fact and Rumor.

The cricket team plays Brockton at Brockton today.

Addison Kelly has resigned the position of captain of the Princeton football team.

An office of the Postal Telegraph is to be opened in the Lyceum Building, and will greatly increase the telegraphic facilities of Cambridge.

As very few men were present at the '98 drill squad meeting yesterday morning, it was decided not to elect officers until today. They will be elected today at 1.30 at the Gymnasium.

At the last meeting of the Rifle and Revolver Club the following officers for next year were elected: President, L. G. Coleman '99; vice-president, W. K. Vanderbilt 1901; secretary and treasurer, J. P. Cobb 1900; executive committee, G. C. Lawrence 1901; range captain, C. H. Tayler 1900.


Within the last few days a decided improvement has been made in the floats of the Weld Boat Club. The spaces between the three bridges have been boarded over and when the railings have been taken away, there will be much more available room in which to move the boats about.

The following men presented themselves as candldates for the position of business editor of the Lampoon yesterday: C. M. Whitman '99, W. P. J. Dinsmoor '99, J. E. Rousmaniere '99, L. C. Ledyard 1900, F. S. White 1901, H. L. Shattuck 1901, J. L. Pulty 1901, F. McLaughlin 1901, B. Borland 1901.

University of Pennsylvania is to establish, on certain conditions, undergraduate courses for women in every way equal to those now open to men. This step has been contemplated by the authorities for some time and was influenced by the success attained at Cornell with this system. A hall to cost $500,000 will be built on property presented by Colonel J. M. Bennett, to be devoted exclusively to the needs of the women students.