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'98 Crew Statement.


to the Editors of the Crimson:

At the time I took charge of the crew, in February, there still remained owing to the 'Varsity management $351.32 from our old Freshman debt of $765. For various reasons it seemed necessary to Captain Goodrich that the class should buy a new shell, and our position was still further aggravated by an accident to the barge which cost $100. Under the circumstances there seemed nothing to do but to collect as much as possible from the class This was accordingly done, and we raised $842.50, practically all of which was turned in before the Spring recess.

On returning to Cambridge we had a series of unexpected bits of good luck in the selling of old boats, recovering the money spent on defective oars, and in other ways. We had up to that time incurred bills for a new cedar shell, for oars, training table, boat house charges, use of launch and various smaller items, amounting in all to $1131.76. We sold our broken barge for $50.00, the old paper shell of our freshman year for $20.00, our old cedar shell for $235.00, and the new one with the oars for $350.00. Including the money raised by subscription we had in all $1530.74, leaving a clean balance of $398.98.

Under these circumstances it seemed reasonable to help the '98 Weld crew, which had gotten heavily in debt owing to a series of misfortunes culminating in their boat race. We felt justified in doing so, as the Weld cres are virtually second class crews and the money had been subscribed for class and for crew purposes. After paying them $134.73 there now remains $264.25 in the '98 crew treasury. Of this money a certain amount will have to be spent to meet unexpected expenses. The remainder, some $250.00, is still to be disposed of. It had been my intention to hand it over to the class treasurer together with the crew accounts, but I have been recently asked to give it to the Weld.

During the past two years the Weld Boat Club has been doing a very valuable work for Harvard rowing. Their expenses have been proportionately heavy and they are now some $600 in debt. As the 'Varsity management feels unable to do so, I have been asked by Captain Perkins to help them with the surplus money left in the '98 crew treasury. This would seem to be for the best interests of Harvard rowing; but, as it is not for a class purpose, I do not feel justified in adopting it without first asking for an expression of opinion on the part of the subscribers to the Senior crew. I hope there will be no serious objection to this manner of disposing of the money. If, however, anyone thinks it should not be done, will he kindly communicate with me as soon as possible.

BEVERLY R. ROBINSON, Manager '98 Crew.

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