Official Notice.

PHILOSOPHY 5.- The theses in this course will be returned to their owners between 2-3 p. m. in Harvard 1.

B. RAND.MATHEMATICS 6.- Professor J. M. Peirce will be at University 24 today at 4.30 p. m., to return the work presented on the Supplementary Paper, and to comment on the same.

GYMNASIUM LOCKERS.- In order that the lockers may be cleaned before Class Day it is necessary that the contents of all lockers be removed from the building before Wednesday, June 22. Any articles remaining in the Gymnasium after this date will be considered abandoned and be disposed of accordingly.

D. A. SARGENT.HISTORY 13.- Conference for papers, June 20, Harvard 2, 2 to 3 p. m.

ENGLISH 22.- Seniors and other candidates for a degree, who took English 22 in 1895-96, may get back their themes in Grays 18, on Monday, June 20, between 10 and 11 o'clock, and between 1 and 2.


LEWIS E. GATES.ARCH. 4C.- Professor Warren will meet the Seniors for the postponed lecture, at eight o'clock, Thursday evening, June 16, in the lecture room of the Arch. Building.

HARVARD COLLEGE LIBRARY.- Students who leave Cambridge for the Vacation must first return all books borrowed from the Library.