Summer Encampment.

Judging from the small number of men who have signed for the Summer Encampment, it is evident that its advantages are not appreciated. In the CRIMSON of June 4, a statement of the scheme was given which showed that, by the generosity of the State and certain individuals, it is possible to have a camp at Boxford, the regular camping grounds of the Second Corps of Cadets, for two weeks. The cost for each man, including uniform, transportation, food and ammunition will not exceed fifteen dollars. Strict military discipline will be maintained, so that a thorough knowledge of camp life and infantry tactics will be acquired by each member of the camp. This will be assured by the presence of a military officer who will have command of the camp.

As yet, only about forty men have signed. It is necessary for the success of the camp that at least one hundred and thirty men sign and it is hoped that the necessary number will be secured before June 17. This limit is set in order to allow time for the manufacture of uniforms and other arrangements.

The plan of a summer encampment offers men a chance to become ready for active service affording at the same time, congenial surroundings.




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