Longwood Tennis Tournament.

The tennis tournament for the championship of the state will begin this morning on the Longwood grounds. H. Ward 1900 who now holds the championship, will be called upon to defend his title against the winner of this tournament. The players are expected on the grounds at 9.30 this morning. The drawings for the Harvard men are as follows:

C. Van H. Whitbeck 1900 vs. S. G. Pierce.

E. S. Foster 1901 vs. B. C. Wright.

M. D. Whitman '99 vs. H. H. Shaw '99.

H. L. Ewer 1900 vs. G. F. Eames.


L. E. Ware '99 vs. T. L. Brown.

A. N. Rice 1900 vs. M. P. Coues.

D. Farrington 1900 vs. J. R. Wakefield.

A. S. Pier '95 plsys the winner of the Lieutenant Horn-B. S. Merrill match.

J. D. Forbes '99 and D. F. Davis 1900 have withdrawn.