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The annual regatta of the Metropolitan A. R. A. was yesterday held on the Charles River under almost perfect weather conditions and the Weld won six of the eight races. The only outside winner was Sydney West of the Hull B. C., who defeated C. A. Hurley of the Weld in the novice singles. In the junior four-oared race, the Weld made a new record of 9 m. 11 2-5s. for the mile and a half course, beating the former record of 9m. 17 2-5s., made in '95 by the B. A. A. four. The last race, that between the senior eight of the Weld B. C. and the B. A. A. and Millstream eights, was by far the most interesting, as the three boats were bunched from the start. The Weld crew, by a spurt at the finish, beat the B. A. A. crew by about a length, with the Millstreams third. In the senior single race, between P. A. Berkeley of the Bradford B. C. and C. Blaikie '99, Berkeley entered a protest, saying that Blaikie had fouled him at the turn. As no definite decision was reached, the referee declared that a week would be given the men, at the end of which time the race would be rowed over again, or, if only one appeared the rece would be awarded him. In the race of the Junior eights the B. A. A. crew, though clearly beaten by the Weld, made a plucky spurt and gained over a length.

The order and results of the races were as follows:

Novice singles-First, Sydney West, Millstream B. C., time, 10m, 47s. Second, C. A. Hurley '99, Weld B. C.

Junior singles-First, F. W. Blatchford '99, Weld B. C.; time, 10m. 29s. Second, E. L. Pope, B. A. A.; third, W. O'Leary, Riverside B. C.

Senior singles-Race protested. C. Blaikie '99, Weld B. C.; P. A. Berkeley, Bradford B. C. Time, 10m. 32s.

Junior four-oar-First, Weld four oar; time 9m. 11 2-5s. Second, B. A. A. The Weld crew was made up as follows: Stroke, R. D. Swaim 1901; 3, T. H. Gray 1901; 2, G. G. Brainerd 1901; bow, R. C. Bolling 1900 (captain).

Junior eights-First, Weld eight; time, 8m. 35 1-2s. Second, B. A. A.; third, Riverside B. C. The Weld eight was made up as follows: Stroke, F. J. Snite '99; 7, K. McG. Martin 1900; 6, F. R DuBois 1901; 5, R. A. Leeson '99 (captain); 4, W. B. Wheelwright 1901; 3, K. Sherburne 1900; 2, G. Blake 1901; bow, H. F. Whitney '99; coxswain, C. E. Goodwin 1901.

Intermediate single-First, P. Nichols 3L., Weld B. C.; time 11m. 4 2-5s.; second, M. O'Leary, Riverside B. C.

Intermediate eights-First, Weld eight, G. O. Clark 1900 (captain); time 7 m. 59 2-5s. Second, Weld eight; R. O. Burton 1900 (captain).

The two eights were made up as follows: Crew No. 1-Stroke, C. H. Morrill 1900; 7, G. O. Clark 1900; 6, J. H. Lee 1900; 5, C. S. Butler '99; 4, H. Coonley '99; 3, J. B. Hawes 1900; 2, B. E. Schlesinger '99; bow, N. F. Ayer 1900; coxswain, A. L. Sweetser 1901. Crew No. 2

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