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Civil Service Examination.


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Department, applicants must not be under 18 years of age nor over 25, of vigorous constitution, physically sound and well formed, not less than 5 ft. 3 in. in height, of good moral character, and unmarried. Applicants for this examination are required to file application blank Form 304, the medical certificate which must be executed by a medical officer of the marine-hospital service.

While it is not a prerequisite to eligibility, applicants for the grade of cadet who have served at sea or who have served as deck officers of sea-going vessels of the United States merchant marine, should file with their applications a certificate or certificates showing such service, from the master of the merchant vessel with whom they have served, or from ship-masters associations, as it is proposed to give applicants credit for such service when satisfactorily shown.

Three days of seven consecutive hours each will be allowed for this examination: The first five subjects will be given on the first day, the sixth, seventh and eighth subjects on the second day, and the remaining subjects on the third day. When more than one language is taken twenty minutes additional will be allowed for each additional language.

This examination is open to all citizens of the United States who comply with the requirements, without regard to race or to political or religious affiliations. All such citizens are invited to apply. They will be examined, graded and certified, with entire impartiality and wholly without regard to any consideration save their ability as shown by the grade they attain in the examination. Persons desiring to enter this examination should at once write to the United States Civil Service Commission, Washington, D. C., for application blanks, Form 304, which should be properly executed and promptly forwarded to the Commission. The salary of a cadet is $500 per annum and one (1) ration per day.

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