SCORE, 0 TO 0.

The ushers filed on the field at 12 o'clock, and the spectators began to arrive about 12.30 in straggling two and threes. The number increased towards 1.15, and the stands were practically all filled at 1.45. A slight haze partially obscured the sun, and the wind blew lightly across the field from the south. The afternoon was excellent for football, but in spite of the gray overcoat and dark cloaks there was considerable color on the Harvard and Yale stands. The field was hard and freshly marked out. A great number of people came out by way of Western avenue and Allston. The band had special seats within the enclosure, at the southwest corner of the field, and played familiar and inspiring Harvard airs. When Governor Roosevelt entered the field, a great cheer went up from the grand-stands.

The Harvard team came on the field at 2 o'clock amid great enthusiasm, and the Yale team followed immediately and was well received. Harvard won the toss and faced the east goal.

The line up follows: Harvard.  Yale. Campbell, l.e.  r.e., Gibson. Donald, l.t.  r.t., Stillman. Sargent, l.g.  r.g., Olcott. Burnett, c.  c., Hale. Burden, r.g.  l.g., Brown. Lawrence, r.t.  l.t., Francis. Hallowell, r.e.  l.e., Hubbell. Daly, q.b.  q.b., Fincke. Sawin, l.h.  r.h., Richards. Kendall, r.h.  l.h., Sharpe. Ellis, f.b.  f.b., McBride.

Francis kicked off at 2.10. Daly returned to Yale's 45-yard line. McBride kicked to Daly on Harvard's 50-yard line. Sawin ran to Yale's 50-yard line with Daly interfering. Kendall gained 2 yards. Sawin made the first down, and Ellis made 2 yards through centre. Yale received the ball on off-side play on the 40-yard line. Yale's kick was blocked, but she secured the ball in the centre of the field.

McBride punted out on Harvard's 20-yard line. Sawin lost 7 yards, and Hallowell punted to his own 17-yard line. Yale failed to gain, but on the second attempt Sharpe made 5 yards around right end. Yale gained 2 yards through Donald but failed on the next play.


A play directed against the centre was stopped, and Harvard secured the ball on her own 28-yard line. Hallowell then kicked out at Yale's 40-yard line. McBride kicked to Harvard's 10-yard line, and Hallowell returned the ball to the middle of the field. McBride kicked into touch. Hallowell punted out from the 20-yard line to the centre of the field, where McBride kicked to Daly on his 30-yard line. Hallowell kicked on Yale's 40-yard line.

A fake kick gained a yard, and then McBride punted out on Harvard's 30-yard line. Hallowell made a poor kick to Yale's 50-yard line. McBride punted out on Harvard's 30-yard line. Sawin lost on an end play. Hallowell kicked to Yale's 50-yard line and Richards made a yard. McBride punted to Sawin on Harvard's 30-yard line. Sawin ran to the 43-yard line, Hallowell kicked to Yale's 35-yard line, where Campbell made a brilliant tackle.

Two fake kicks were stopped, and McBride punted out on Harvard's 43-yard line. On a double pass Kendall ran to the centre of the field and Daly gained 10 yards on a quarterback pass. Sawin ran to 32-yard line through Brown, and Ellis gained first down. Sawin gained 3 yards, and Ellis carried the ball to Yale's 21-yd. line, and again to 16-yd. line. Ellis gained 3 yards through centre, and again 2 yards. Ellis plunged to 9-yard line. Ellis drove it to the 5-yard line and again to the 3-yard line. On the 2-yard line, Yale secured the ball on downs, and McBride punted to Daly, who heeled the ball on the 30-yard line, and received 10 yards for interference with his fair catch. Burnett missed the place kick for goal.

McBride punted to Sawin at centre, who gained 4 yards and Hallowell kicked out on Yale's 20-yard line. McBride failed at centre and punted to Daly on his own 50-yard line. Ellis made no gain. Snitzer replaced Gibson. Hallowell punted out on Yale's 35-yard line, and Sharpe, after making 3 yards through Sargent, gained first down. Richards lost a yard on an end play, but Sharpe gained 4 yards. Then McBride made first down. Two plays directed at Donald netted 3 yards, and McBride kicked to Daly on Harvard's 35-yard line. Hallowell returned to Yale's 33-yard line. The ball was fumbled, but Sharpe fell on it. A cross-tackle play at Lawrence gained a yard, but McBride was stopped at centre. Donald was hurt for a moment but shortly resumed playing. McBride punted to Harvard's 40-yard line, and Sawin returned it to Yale's 45-yard line. Time, 2.53. Score, 0 to 0.

The impression at the end of the first half was that Yale was playing a surprisingly strong game, but that Harvard should score in the second half. Both teams were in good condition and no Harvard man was injured. Hallowell held his own against McBride. Sawin and Daly did brilliant work in the back field. Campbell played a fine game and Daly ran the team well, but the disappointment at failing to score from the 2-yard line was great. Yale's ends were stronger than was expected.

Governor Roosevelt and Governor Walcott led cheers at the beginning of the second half. Burnett kicked off at 3.05. McBride returned the kick to centre. Sawin made 2 yards through right tackle and Kendall 2 yards through left tackle. Hallowell kicked out on Yale's 40-yard line, and McBride returned the kick to Harvard's 30-yard line. Daly was hurt, but resumed play.

After a few minutes Kendall made 10 yards on a double pass from Sawin, but was thrown for a loss on the next play, and Hallowell punted to the centre. McBride kicked poorly out of bounds on Harvard's 50-yard line. Ellis plunged through left tackle for first down and Kendall through right tackle for 2-yards, but Sawin lost on an end play.

Hallowell kicked to Yale's 30-yard line where McBride made 2 yards through centre and then kicked out of bonds on Harvard's 40-yard line. Kendall made 20 yards on a double pass, but the ball was taken back and given to Yale for holding on Harvard's 30-yard line. Chadwick and Keane go into the line-up. Yale made no impression on Harvard's line, and was hold for three downs when Yale passed back 20 yards for first down at centre.

Keane made 5 yards around Lawrence and then 4 more on the same play. A centre play gained first down on Harvard's 40-yard line. Chadwick made 3 yards around Donald. The excitement was intense. Reid now took Ellis' place at fullback. An attempt on Lawrence failed.

Yale was now on the aggressive and gained first down through centre. Burden was hurt, but resumed play. Chadwick made 3 yards around Campbell and was beautifully tackled by Sawin. Cross play on Lawrence gave Yale first down on Yale's 30-yard line, and Brown made 5 yards around the end, but failed on the next play. Chadwick made no gain and ran out of bounds.