Medical School Scholarships and Fellowships for 1900-'01.

Following is the list of Medical School Scholarships and Fellowships, awarded for 1900-'01:

Barringer Scholarship, No. 1--H. N. Goodall, A.B., 3d class.

Isaac Sweetser Scholarship--R. J. Graves, S.B., 2d class.

Claudius M. Jones Scholarship--F. H. Albee, A.B., 2d class.

Hilton Scholarship--S. V. R. Hooker, A.B., 3d class.

Hilton Scholarship--C. W. Eveleth, S.B., 2d class.

Barringer Scholarship, No. 2--W. L. Sargent, A.B., 2d class.

Faculty Scholarship--E. L. Hunt, 3d class.

Faculty Scholarship--G. T. Spicer, A.B., 2d class.

Faculty Scholarship--W. L. Hearn, 3d class.

Faculty Scholarship--E. E. Tyzzer, A. M., 3d class.

Eveleth Scholarship--A. S. Murphy, 3d class.

Eveleth Scholarship--R. F. Gibson, 4th class.

Eveleth Scholarship--F. T. Lewis, A.M., 4th class.

Alfred Hosmer Linder Scholarship--L. R. Bragg. S.B., 4th class.