At the Boat Clubs.

The first and second crews at the Weld and the first crew at the Newell have now reached the probable orders in which they will row in the fall regatta. In all there are three graded eights at the Newell, four at the Weld, and four Freshman eights rowing from each club.

The orders of the crews that are about settled are as follows:

First Weld--Stroke, G. Bancroft; 7, Ladd; 6, Burton; 5, H. Bancroft; 4, Shuebruk; 3, Emory; 2, Evans; bow, Hartwell; cox., Davidge.

First Newell--Stroke, Brownell; 7, Morris; 6, Henderson; 5, Goodell; 4, Perkins; 3, Platt; 2, Smith; bow, Swaim; cox., Howe.

Second Weld--Stroke, Roberts; 7, Brooks; 6, Switzer; 5, Bent; 4, James; 3, Loud; 2, Covel; bow, George; cox., Boothby.


The main part of the work on the new boat house is now practically completed. One shell has already been taken up to the house to be measured for the racks which are now being put in place, Plumbing and painting are not yet finished, but this will not prevent the use of the house by the crews. The incompletion of the runways is now the principal cause of delay. Rowing from the house will be impossible before the first of November, but it is hoped to secure the use of the house before the end of the season. Work is being pushed on the tank in order that it can be ready for the winter work.