The Very Rev. W. H. Fremantle, Dean of Ripon, will deliver the Dudleian lecture this year.

The Ingersoll lecture on "The Immortality of Man" will be given this year by Mr. John Fiske.

The annual St. Mark's-Groton game will be played at Groton on Wednesday, Nov. 7. The officials will be Deland of Harvard and Rodgers of Yale.

At a meeting of the Senior Senate last night W. T. Foster was elected president. R. C. Bruce '02, C. P. McCarthy '02, and P. E. Fitzpatrick '02 were elected honorary members.

The Freshman debate last night was won by L. Grilk, R. T. Henshaw, and A. A. Ballentine who supported the negative. L. Grilk was elected temporary chairman for the next meeting.

The Board of Trustees of Princeton University has voted to add to its number five members to be elected by direct vote of the alumni. To put this important change into effect it is necessary for the Legislature of New Jersey to approve an amendment to the Princeton charter.

The scrub football games yesterday resulted as follows: Pigskins 5, Inaues 2; Wallowers 0, Whistle B's 0.