At the New York Theatres.

Following is a list of the plays that will be given at the leading New York theatres during the Christmas recess:

Garden--Sarah Bernhardt and Coquelin in "Hamlet."

Wallack's--Mary Mannering in "Janice Meredith."

Kinckerbocker--Maude Adams in "L' Aiglon."

Empire--John Drew in "Richard Carvel."


Criterion--John Hare in "The Gay Lord Quex.

Garrick--W. H. Crane in "David Harum"

Academy of Music--James O'Neil in "Monte Cristo."

Herald Square--"Arizona."

Daly's--"Lady Huntsworth's Experiment."

Madison Square--"The House that Jack Built."

Broadway--"Foxy Quiller."

Republic--Maclyn Arbuckle in "The Sprightly Romance of Marsac."