Freshman Rowing

The Weld Freshman crews went on the river for the first time yesterday. The men have been divided, according to ability, into six crews, and this order will probably remain the same for some time, with but slight changes. The rowing was remarkably good for the first day, owing to the fact that a large number of the men rowed last fall. Donovan coached from a single. The orders of the first two crews follow:

First crew--Stroke, E.B. Roberts; 7, George; 6, Whitwell; 5, Graydon; 4, Derby; 3, Bent; 2, Warner; bow, Streit; cox., Litchfield.

Second crew--Stroke, Greenough; 7, Hartwell; 6, Wright; 5, Adams; 4, Locke; 3, Maltby; 2, Wolcott; bow, Blaikie; cox., Thurston.

Two Newell Freshman eights rowed yesterday afternoon and were coached by F.L. Higginson '00 and Vail. Their make-up was as follows:

First crew--Stroke, Gray; 7, Ayer; 6, McGrew; 5, Harding; 4, Percival; 3, Weed; 2, Stone; bow, Ruhl.


Second crew--Stroke, McGlensey; 7, Storer; 6, Lawrence, Houghton; 5, Bean, Haycock; 4, Wolcott; 3, Cole; 2, Sanford; bow, Page.