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Baseball Schedule.


The University baseball schedule has now been provisionally arranged.

April 14. Virginia at Charlottesville.

April 21. Georgetown at Georgetown.

April 27. Dartmouth at Cambridge.

April 28. Dartmouth at Cambridge.

May 5. Williams at Cambridge.

May 8. Amherst at Cambridge.

May 10. Bowdoin at Cambridge.

May 12. Columbia at Cambridge.

May 16. Lafayette at Cambridge.

May 19. U. of P. at Philadelphia.

May 26. Princeton at Cambridge.

May 30. Georgetown at Cambridge.

June 2. Brown at Providence.

June 6. Holy Cross at Worcester.

June 9. U. of P. at Cambridge.

June 13. Princeton at Princeton.

June 16. Holy Cross at Cambridge.

June 21. Yale at Cambridge.

June 26. Yale at New Haven.

June 30. Yale (in case of tie) at New York.

A second game with Brown will be arranged later.

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