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Spring Meet on Holmes Field at 4.--Entries and Programme of Events.


The University track games will be held this afternoon at 4 o'clock on Holmes Field. All the men have been doing steady work under favorable conditions since the class games, and decided improvement in records is expected.

The members of the University can assist the management very materially by not crowding over the track and obstructing the races. The programme of events and the entries are as follows:


120 yards hurdles. Trials--J. W. Hallowell '01, H. W. Locke '02, George R. Ainsworth '03, H. F. Barber '02, C. N. Kimball 1L., E. H. Webb '01, F. C. Ware '01, A. W. Ristine '02, G. G. Hubbard '00, R. Abercrombie '03, J. G. Willis '02.

100 yards dash. Trials--D. G. Harris '00, W. S. Bedal '03, Lowell Blake '02, A. M. Butler '02, E. J. Sanderson 1L., R. Inglis '03, G. H. Mifflin, Jr., '00, R. W. Robbins '02, B. C. Darling M.S., E. B. Sprague '03, Joseph Barnes 1G.

440 yards dash--A. L. Dean '00, J. E. Haigh '03, W. G. Clerk '01, P. L. Fish '01 M. F. Hewitt '01, H. J. Winslow '02, E. D. Fullerton L.S., J. A. Knowles '03, E. M. Ayer '03, S. J. Hibbard '03, M. H. Thompson '03.

120 yards hurdles. Finals.

100 yards dash. Finals.

880 yards run--L. C. Ledyard '00, K. E. Adams '02, W. A. Applegate '01, C. J. Swan '01, A. W. Blakemore 3L., C. D. Draper '00, R. M. Walsh '01, D. Grant M.S., O. L. Bear '03, T. B. Taylor 1L.

One mile run--F. C. Williams '01, H. S. Knowles '02, D. Grant M.S., J. E. O'Connell Sp.

220 yards hurdles. Trials--J. G. Willis '02, R. Abercrombie '03, E. H. Webb '01, G. G. Hubbard '00, A. W. Ristine '02, F. C. Ware '01, C. N. Kimball 1L., J. W. Hallowell '01, D. G. Harris '00.

220 yards dash. Trials--R. W. Robbins '02, E. M. Ayer '03, E. B. Sprague '03, W. S. Bedal '03, G. H. Mifflin, Jr., '00, W. G. Clerk '01, R. Inglis '03, J. A. Knowles '03, P. L. Fish '01, A. M. Butler '02, E. J. Sanderson '00.

Two mile run--H. W. Foote 1Dv., A. W. Blakemore 3L, O. W. Richardson 1L., D. Grant M. S., J. E. O'Connell Sp., R. H. Dana, Jr., '01, J. Browne '03, P. B. Olney, Jr., '03.

220 yards hurdles. Finals.

220 yards dash. Finals.


High jump--A. N. Rice '00, G. R. Ainsworth '03, S. G. Ellis '01, C. M. Rotch '01, F. C. Ware '01, W. Kittridge '03, A. Derby '03, N. F. Glidden '03, F. M. Murphy '03.

16 lb. shot--W. A. Boal '00, S. G. Ellis '01, H. H. Fox '00, H. J. Brown '02, H. F. Cochems L.S.

16 lb. hammer--W. A. Boal '00, E. H. Greene '02, S. G. Ellis '01, H. J. Brown '02, H. F. Cochems L.S.

Pole vault--A. P. Young '01, W. Kittridge '03, C. L. Barnes '02, C. N. Prouty, Jr., '00, D. W. Howes '03, R.S. Hardy '01.

Running broad jump--A. P. Young '01, A. T. Baker '02, D. G. Harris '00, O. N. Mayhew '01, E. H. Webb '01, A. M. Sutler '02, M. Bartlett '01, B. M. Brownell '01, C. J. Tilden 2L., J. Foster, Jr., '02, Lowell Blake '02, F. M. Murphy '03, A. W. Ristine '02, H. F. Cochems 3L., O. Cooper '03, F. W. C. Foster '03, J. H. Shirk '02.

Following are the officials for the games:

Referee--G. B. Morison B. A. A.

Judges at finish--W. Vincent '97, W. F. Garcelon, L. Bremer, T. E. Burke.

Timers--J. G. Lathrop, John Graham B. A. A., F. M. Wood B. A. A.

Starter -- John Bowler, Charlesbank Gymnasium.

Announcer--R. B. Ogilby '02.

Marshal--N. P. Hallowell '61.

Clerk of course--R. W. Bliss.

Assistant clerks of course -- J. E. N. Shaw '98, J. C. Rice '98, A. S. Eyre '99, R. Kinnicutt '02, H. Ward '00, R. L. Mason '00, F. E. Bissell '00, T. Gerrish '01, C. Frothingham '02, J. Rousmaniere '99.

Field judges -- C. J. Harbeck, C. O. Swain, W. W. Hoyt., J. E. Morse N.A.A.E. D. Fullerton.

Scorers -- H. J. Green '99, W. P. J. Dinsmore '99, E. B. Stanwood '99, E. Spalding '00.

The track team will not be kept in Cambridge during any part of the spring recess; but training will begin immediately after on Soldiers Field in preparation for the Yale games, on May 12.

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