University Calendar.

*Open to the public. *Open to the University.

Tuesday, Apr. 3.

Faculty of Arts and Sciences. Meeting at University 5, 4 p. m.

*Sophomore Debating Club. Debate. Sever 35, 7 p. m. Question: "Resolved, That Memorial serves the needs of the average student better than Randall." Principal disputants.--Affirmative: Bernbaum's Camp.--Negative: Holmes' Camp.

Chamber Concert. The Kneisel Quartet, and Mr. Burmeister, pianist. Sanders Theatre, 7.45 p. m. Programme: Saint Saens, sonata for piano and violoncello; Schubert, variations from the Posthumous Quartet in D minor; Schuman, Quartet in A major.

*Lecture. A Spanish play--"El Gran Galeoto"; two American plays--"Sag Harbor" and "Becky Sharp"; an English play--"The Elder Miss Blossom." Mr. Copeland. Sever 11, 8 p. m. The lecture will deal with performances as well as plays.

*Geological Conference. Papers: Glaciation and Topography of the Medford Dike Area. Mr. A. W. G. Wilson.--Micaceous False-bedding in Glacial Sands. Mr. J. B. Woodworth. Rotch Building, 8 p. m.