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First Public Performance of the D. U. Play in Brattle Hall This Evening.


The Delta Upsilon will give the first public presentation of "The Maid in the Mill" in Brattle Hall this evening at 8 o'clock. Of all the Elizabethan comedies produced by the D. U., "The Maid in the Mill" is much the best fitted for the modern stage presentation, and the scenery and costumes are more elaborate than usual.

The cast of the play is as follows:

Synopsis: Act. I--Scene 1. A street in Spain in the Carnival time. The quarrel. Scene 2. Before the house of Bellides. The lovers' rendezvous.

Act II.--Scene 1. Near the Mill. Bustofa and Florimel go off to the country revels. Scene 2. The country revels at the house of Don Julio. Ismenia and Aminta, disguised as country girls, have followed Antonio. Gerasto carries off Florimel for his master, the Count Otrante.

Act III.--Scene 1. A street. The King's progress. Antonio and Martine discover Ismenia's disguise as Isabella. Scene 2. A room in Don Julio's house. Bellides challenges Don Julio, his ancient enemy, to "be good friends." Scene 3. Before the house of Bellides. "Mistakes of a night." Antonio comes to marry Ismenia but is foiled by his friend Martine.

Act. IV.--A room in the house of the Count Otrante. The King, by an unexpected visit, brings about peace and marriage between the Count Otrante and Florimel, and a general satisfaction to the rest of the lovers.

Tickets at one dollar may be obtained at Thurston's, or on application to W. M. Chadbourne, 19 Weld Hall. Philippo, King of Spain,  A. P. Fitch '00. Otra Te, a count,  W. N. Seaver '00. Julio,  J. W. Gilles '02. Antonio, his nephew,  J. H. Holmes '02. Bellides, a gentleman and head of the family so called,  W. M. Chadbourne '00. Lisauro, his son,  C. F. C. Arensberg '01. Martine, friend to Antonio,  G. J. Wright '00. Terzo, Kinsman to Bellides,  E. W. James '01. Gerasto, friend to Otrante,  H. G. Schleiter '01. Moncado, a courtier,  R. D. Brackett '01. Vertigo, a French tailor,  E. E. Sargeant '00. Eranio, a miller,  N. F. Hall '00. Bustofa, his son,  J. G. Brackett, '01. Constable,  H. G. Schleiter '01. Ismenia, daughter to Bellides,  W. C. Arensberg '00. Aminta, her cousin,  R. I. Lee '02. Florimel, daughter to Julio, and supposed daughter to Franio,  H. W. French '01. Gillian, wife to Franio,  J. P. Sanborn '00.   Cupid, Frank Macy.   Lords, gallants, servants, rustic dancers, nymphs and shepherds.   Scene--Toledo and the neighboring country.

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