Yale Letter.

The catalogue of the Yale Forest School, containing the courses of study in this department, has just appeared. The school will be opened next September with a governing board consisting of President Hadley; H. S. Graves, B.A., Pinchal Professor of Forestry; W. H. Brewer, Ph.D., Professor of Agriculture, and Mr. Gifford Pinchot, Special Lecturer on Forest Policy. The regular course covers a period of two years, and the subjects are so arranged that nearly all the preliminary and technical work will be completed in the first year. The second year will be devoted to advanced work in the class-room and in the field. In the spring the entire work will be in the field, the first few weeks at Milford, Pennsylvania, on the estate of Mr. J. W. Pinchot, and the rest of the time in the Adirondack Mountains.

In addition to the regular school there will be a summer school with headquarters at Milford. This is intended for those who are unable to attend the Forest School at New Haven, and the courses will in general correspond to those given in the first year at that school. The summer school will open in July, 1901, and will continue about two months.

The Yale spring regatta was held on Saturday on Lake Whitney. Although not so much interest is taken at New Haven in class rowing as at Harvard, the races were thoroughly successful, except for the small number of entries. The class races were rowed in heats, the juniors beating the seniors by half a length, and the sophomores beating the second and the first two freshman crews by a length and a little over a length respectively. The sophomores won the final race with the juniors by a length. The series of scrub races between the Pirates, the Harlequins and the Coystrels was won by the Harlequin crew. The last race of the day was an exhibition race between the university eight and the university four. The latter was given several lengths handicap and won by a few feet.

The dual bicycle meet between Yale and Columbia has been postponed again and again, and has now finally been given up. The Yale bicycle team of ten men will now train for the intercollegiate meet, and will race at least once a day, pacing behind tandems.

In the Yale interscholastic tennis tournament, held some time ago, the championship prize was won by F. W. Breinig, of Hotchkiss School, with F. W. Cole, of Hartford High School, second.