Freshmen Leave for Worcester.

The Freshman crew will leave for Worcester at 9 o'clock this morning for the annual race with the Worcester High School on Lake Quinsigamond. Only the first eight, accompanied by the coaches, D. M. Goodrich '98 and N. W. Tilton '00, will be taken. The shell, which was sent by wagon yesterday, will be there when the men arrive, so that they will be able to take a practice row in the morning. The race will take place at 5.30 p. m.

The first eight is hardly up to the average of Freshman crews, but in the past week much improvement has been shown, especially in the watermanship which has been extremely ragged. The inboard work is more satisfactory. The chief trouble seems to be in getting the chief trouble seems to be in getting the power on at the beginning of the stroke without clipping and in finishing it without letting off the power.

Roberts, captain and stroke, is small and light, but holds the stroke out long, and has a good idea of beat. His fault is in hanging at the full reach and dipping.

Ayer at 7 is large and strong, but has difficulty in following a quick stroke.

McGrew at 6 swings back too far, has trouble in getting his legs and back on with a powerful finish and clips badly. He is a strong man, but not especially effective.


At 5 Graydon has the same fault of failing to keep his power on the oar to the finish of the stroke. In long rows he tends to weaken.

Whitwell at 4 is the most effective oar in the boat. His principal fault is in not driving his legs down hard at the finish.

James at 3 pulls his oar along the top of the water, not burying it deeply enough. He is also awkward about getting his oar in, and has difficulty in finishing the stroke.

Switzer, No. 2, has no control over his legs, and rushes badly, falling over at the full reach when he has finish dousing his slide. He holds his stroke through better than the other men.

Hartwell at bow is small, but very effective. He also tends to overreach after taking his full slide.

The order: Stroke, Roberts; 7, Ayer; 6, McGrew; 5, Graydon; 4, Whitwell; 3, James; 2, Switzer; bow, Hartwell; cox, Litchfield.