First Newell Half a Length Behind First Weld.--The Time Considered Doubtful.

The race yesterday between the Weld and Newell Freshman crews was won by the first Weld with the first Newell half a length behind. The time, 9m. 18s., is doubtful, as the watches of the coaches did not agree. Only six of the seven crews entered competed, for the coxswain of the second Newell ran his boat into the railroad bridge on the way to the start, breaking number four's outrigger and staving a hole in the bottom of the shell.

The first and second Weld crews got away first leaving the other boats closely bunched, but the first Newell, which made the poorest start, soon pulled up to second place, passing the second Weld. At the bridge the crews were strung out with each of the eights except the first just a length behind the next in front. The order at the bridge was first Weld, first Newell, second Weld, third Weld, third Newell, fourth Weld, and this order remained unchanged until the finish. Opposite Dartmouth street, however, the three leading crews spurted and drew away from the rest, and the first Newell crawled up to its final position, half a length behind the winners.

The Newell crews were very weak on the finish of the stroke, but were strong on the catch and had lots of life and dash. The Weld eights, on the other hand, finished strongly, with a good leg drive, but they lacked snap, especially the second Weld.

The orders of the two first crews were:

First Weld -- Stroke, R. Roberts; 7, George; 6, Whitwell; 5, Graydon; 4, Switzer; 3, Bent; 2, Derby; bow, Hartwell; cox., Litchfield.


First Newell -- Stroke, Boardman; 7, Ayer (capt.); 6, McGrew; 5, Swann; 4, Burgess; 3, Clark; 2, Stone; bow, Whitridge; cox, Stokes.

D. M. Goodrich '98, captain of the '97 University crew, has just been appointed coach of the Freshman crew. He will keep all of the crews rowing as they are for several days in order to get a line on the men. He will then pick a squad of 24 men, who will be organized into three crews, which will all row from the University boat house.