The Catholic Club will hold its annual election of officers on Tuesday, May 29.

The eight-oared shell built by Davy for the Yale university crew was sent to New Haven yesterday.

The Brown track team defeated Dartmouth yesterday afternoon by 74 points to 64.

A movement has been started to place in the Gore Hall library a bust of Wendell Phillips similar to the one in the Boston Public Library. The cost will be about seven hundred and fifty dollars.

A lecture on "The Steam Automobile" will be given in Brooks House Thursday night at 8 o'clock by Mr. F. E. Stanly, of the Locomobile Company of America.


A dispute brought the Freshman game with Tufts second yesterday to a close at the end of the fourth inning. Tufts claimed a foul, and when it was not allowed, left the field. The umpire awarded the game to the Freshmen.

Officers in charge of the Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain have had published recently a map of the grounds of the Arboretum and of the Bussey Institute adjoining. The map, which is quite large, shows the location and gives the name of every bit of shrubbery on the grounds.