Football at Yale.

The foot all season at Yale started on Sept. 17, the same date on which the Harvard team began work. Although Captain Brown began the season with only 24 men, this number has steadily increased, until now the squad numbers over 60. At first the usual Yale policy was followed by chosing a first eleven and a scrub team as soon as possible, and then of changing to the first eleven, on trial, any man of the second who appears to have any ability. Lately, however, as the squad has increased in size, this scheme has left a number of men out of the game, without giving them a chance to show their merits. Accordingly, Captain Brown has decided to organize third and fourth teams, which will practice usually independent of the regular first and second elevens. They will have a special captain, and arrange games with minor colleges.

The first task before Captain Brown was to find a full-back, to take the place of M.L.McBride, who has been made head-coach for the coming year. Hyde, who was first tried this year, proved unsatisfactory, and Head coach McBride made the experiment of putting Hale, last year's centre, in at fullback. With constant coaching, Hale has improved steadily as a back, and is good man for the position. His line-bucking is hard and fast. Another important change has been to put Keane in at quarterback, so that the ratio between quarterbacks and halfbacks might be equalized.

The hard work of the season began on Sept. 24, when McBride entered upon his duties as head-coach. Hard, fast line-ups take place every day, and the men are already in good training. A strong nucleus of last year's players tends to make the eleven a unit, and already the team play has been a feature of the game. A number of graduates have aided in the coaching, prominent among them Cutten, the old centre.

The various line-ups of the first Yale eleven for the past week have been as follows:

Ends, Gould, Coy and Dupee; tackles, Stillman, Beck and Kunzig; guards, Brown, Olcott, Goss and Hamlin; centre, Holt; quarterbacks, Fincke and Keane; halfbacks, Sharpe, Cook and Chadwick; fullbacks, Hyde and Hale.

The first game will be played to-morrow at New Haven with Trinity.